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Education Corner: Students with Disabilities: Which Plan is Right?

The school year is well under way and the first quarter has ended. After countless meetings, lack of progress despite numerous interventions, and lots of testing, your child has been classified with a disability. You have so many questions! There are various plans for students with disabilities in the educational setting – IEP or 504? […]

Hold on to your hats: The Great Utah Shakeout

Schools, Individuals and other organizations all over Utah participated in the Great Utah Shakeout in April. The official date was April 16th  when, at 10:15am,  schools and businesses “ducked and covered” for one minute. Events are being held all during April. The event is part of the larger The Great Shakeout (http://www.shakeout.org/). Utah’s website with The Great Shakeout […]

Fair to the Fair?

by Steve Johnson When the Monarchs fluttered away from the deal with the Utah State Fair to build a soccer stadium, many Fairpark Community residents felt that the Utah Fairpark was, again, at risk. While a soccer stadium was not everyone’s ideal, people recognized that the Fairpark had to increase its financial stabilityty. The soccer […]

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