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Clint Brown, Board Member At-Large

Clint BrownOccupation: Quality Improvement Coordinator for the organ donation programs within Utah, Southern Idaho, Northern Nevada, and Western Wyoming

Education: Sociology

Affiliation: Yes Utah!, Yes Idaho!

Interests: I enjoy cooking, playing with my dogs, remodeling my 100-year-old house, watching and playing sports, and getting to know my neighbors.

My hopes and dreams as a board member for the Fairpark Community:

I hope to work with members of the community, board, and the city to improve community engagement and pride. I believe that when people take pride in their neighborhood, care about their neighbors, and the support their community they are happier. Through engagement we can create a small town feel in a big city.

I also hope to ensure that all members of our community are represented at community events. The Fairpark neighborhood is incredibly diverse and this diversity should be celebrated.


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