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dirt2tableGreetings fellow gardeners and food enthusiasts! This is the first edition of dirt2table, a column for sharing growing tips, and preparation ideas.

The growing season is coming to an end. The tomato plants might still be ripening more than we can eat fresh, so be sure to preserve them. Be sure to check the website Canning Tomatoes “Simplified”  to read about  a “Simplified” way of canning tomatoes. If you check that out, you might want to look at some of the other pages about making cheese and yogurt that are on that site.

Besides being the time of year to get as much of the harvest preserved, this is also the time of year to put our gardens to bed, pull out dead plants and turn the soil over.
It is also a good time to plant an area with garlic, for harvest next July. Simply turn over and rake an area in your garden and plant the cloves from a head of garlic or two about 4 to 6 inches apart in rows at least a foot apart. They should be covered by an inch of soil. They might start coming up this fall, but will be fine and will really
start growing well when the weather starts to warm next year. They will be ready to harvest usually by the end of July or before, when the tops start to die. Just pull them up and hang them to dry to use for all your garlic needs.
Happy growing!

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