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Below we have provided you contacts for Salt Lake City and County Resources that we hope may be of assistance to you. Please let us know of additional contacts that you feel may be of assistance to others in our neighborhood by emailing the webmaster. We have provided you links to websites, as well as phone contacts. See the Elected Officials Page for links to our governmental representatives, both State and City.

Salt Lake City and Community Resources
Fire/Police/Medical Emergency 911
Salt Lake City Police 801-799-3000
Salt Lake City Fire Department 801-799-4103
Major’s Office, Jackie Biskupski 801-535-7704
Major’s Office Liaison: Nate Salazar 801-535-7976
Poison Control Center 801-581-2151
Drug Hotline 801-799-DRUG
Gang Hotline 385-468-9768
Graffiti Hotline 801-972-7885
Humane Society of Utah 801-261-2919
SL Public Utilities Emergency 801-483-6700
Rocky Mtn Power Emergency 801-508-5088
Streets and Cleanup 801-535-6908
Grocery Cart Removal/Pickup 801-446-7984
Health Department 801-359-8749
Day-Riverside Public Library 801-594-8631
Utah State Fairpark 801-538-8400


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