It is important for the Community Council Board to make community residents aware of community concerns and plans. Each month we attempt to schedule speakers along with our locally elected City and State representative to be at our meetings for reporting on the current topics relevant to our community. It is also an excellent time for residents to ask questions on topics of concern to them. We also try and have our local Fire and Police Departments available at the meetings, for updates on community topics.




This month, on Thursday, October 23, 2014, our Agenda is as follows:



Topics of interest

September 2014 Michael Steele, Exe. Director of Utah State Fairpark, provides update on status of the Utah State Fairpark; Adopt a Spot Volunteer Meeting
August 2014 John Flynt returns to update us on the City Emergency Plans and specifically what Fairpark resdients should do in a large earthquake; Utah Legislature Report on the Status of the Utah State Fairpark Study; Women in Economic Commission.
June 2014 UCARE presentation on Rocky Mountain Power rate Increase and new charges for households with solar panels (No July Community Council Meeting)
May 2014 Future of Utah State Fairgrounds; Mayor Recommends to City Council Funding of 300/400 Intermodal Study
April 2014 Update on Clift Infill Development
March 2014 Guadalupe School relocated to Rose Park; Utah State Fairpark Update by Mike Steele
February 2014 HIVE Pass Introduced and Explained
January 2014 Salt Lake City Recycling Initiatives; Snow Removal Operations and input from Community Residents
November 2013 Annual Potluck Dinner. Farewell to Carlton Christenson; Reports from Elected Officials as well from Fire and Police Department Representatives
October 2013 Presentations by City Council Representatives for Districts 1, 2 and 3; Clift Infill Development: revised application to amend Master Plan/Zoning Map
September 2013 UTA Presentation by Christopher Chesnut, UTA, with input from the community
August 2013 Presentation by Sara Hiatt on Community Development and Capital Improvement Program

Stay Connected throughout the month

The Fairpark Community Council is your forum for learning about and addressing issues that affect your life. Please join us the 4th Thursday of every month (except July and November) at 6:30 pm, at the Northwest Community Center. We invite you to attend and participate in our community council. We also invite you to let us know of any program suggestions or community concerns that we can facilitate making people in our community aware of. Sign up for email updates for on-going community issues or to receive the Gazette by email each month by contacting Steve Johnson by email . Check us out also on FACEBOOK (Fairpark Community Council) or join NEXT DOOR for additional community dialogue and information.