Each month the Fairpark Community publishes a community newsletter named the "GAZETTE" and this newsletter is mailed out to over 2500 residents within our community. This newsletter is funded mainly by our generous monthly advertisers. We wish to thank those sponsors and we hope that you, as a community, will continue to support those local businesses and personally thank them. We have listed those sponsors below.

The most recently published Gazette is located on the homepage of our website each month with a link to a PDF file, for you to read, download or print off. Below is an archived list of past Gazettes for your future reference and use.


Month and Link

Topics of interest reported in Gazette

October 2014 The Horsley Building; Annual Warm Coat Exchange; Officer Valencia; Education Corner; Dirt 2 Table; State Fairpark Update; Housing Market Review
September 2014 2014 Utah State Fair Success - A Plan for the Fairpark's future?
August 2014 Future of Utah State Fairpark / Solar Power Fee Proposed / 300-400 North Intermodal
June 2014 300/400 North Intermodal Study in Major's Budget Recommendations to City Council
May 2014 Future of Utah State Fairpark Grounds; Mayor Recommends Study of 300/400 N
April 2014 Update on Clift Infill Project - Plans Revised
March 2014 Guadalupe School Moving
February 2014 Utah State Fairpark Faces Financial Crisis
January 2014 Salt Lake Planning Commission's Negative Recommendation on Clift Infill Project
November 2013 Christmas Holiday Community Happenings
October 2013 Request to Amend Zoning Map for Property beside Backman Elementary
September 2013 UTA Presentation by Christopher Chesnut, New articles posted on the New Fairpark Community Website
August 2013 Introducing a new Fairpark Community Resource: www.

We wish to thank our community businesses that continue to provide the funding each month for publishing and distribution of our monthly newsletter, The Gazette. They include the following businesses:



Stay Connected throughout the month

The Fairpark Community Council is your forum for learning about and addressing issues that affect your life. Please join us the 4th Thursday of every month (except July and November) at 6:30 pm, at the Northwest Community Center. We invite you to attend and participate in our community council. We also invite you to let us know of any program suggestions or community concerns that we can facilitate making people in our community aware of. Sign up for email updates for on-going community issues or to receive the Gazette by email each month by contacting Steve Johnson by email . Check us out also on FACEBOOK (Fairpark Community Council) or join NEXT DOOR for additional community dialogue and information.