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Parks of Fairpark

cottonwood-(2)-1319With the Spring weather coming, it’s a wonderful time of
year for taking a moment to enjoy the outdoor parks and
trails of Fairpark.
– Jackson Park: 481 N Grant Street (Fun playground)
– Guadalupe Park: 500 North, 600 West (Beautiful trees)
– Constitution Park: 300 N 1300 W (Huge multisport field
with pavilions)
– Cottonwood Park: 1580 W North Star Drive (Dog park,
Gold mile walking path with quarter mile markers)
– Fairpark Community Garden: 1037 W 300 North (Lovely
community gathering place)
– Jordan River Parkway Trail (Scenic hiking and jogging
Get more info here about reserving pavilions. If you see any suspicious activity, contact 801-799-3000. If you notice a maintenance item, contact:

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Fairpark Community Council Hosts SLC Mayoral Candidate Forum

The Fairpark Community Council hosted a Candidate Forum for Salt Lake City Mayor to a packed house at its meeting on June 25 at the Northwest Community Center in Fairpark.  All 5 candidates, or their representatives, participated in the brief introduction and overview of their races, followed by a group Q&A session. (Channel 4) recorded the session and posted their piece here.

The following is a recap of the candidate presentations.

Mayor Ralph Becker

Mayor Ralph Becker

Ralph Becker – Mayor Becker is has been in office for 8 years.  His administration has rejuvenated the downtown, made significant improvements in transportation and has implemented equal rights policies in housing and employment.  The city boasts #1 status in the U.S. for job creation and is in the top 10 cities for sustainability and livability. The city has initiatives in place that have decreased the carbon footprint, but there is much work still to be done, according to the Mayor. While the city has increased prosperity, the city has initiated a “5,000 Doors” campaign due to the increasing disparity with people regarding income and housing.

Jackie Biskupski

Jackie Biskupski

Jackie Biskupski – Jackie Biskupski’s representative was on hand as she was at a scheduled campaign event. “She will listen” was the prevailing theme of her platform. Biskupski was a legislator for 13 years and enjoyed a close working relationship with the city during her tenure on many issues. She understands the West Side issues, including resources for things like infrastructure, street lights, clean river, a safe community, protected bike lanes, safe crosswalks, and economic development.

George Chapman

George Chapman

George Chapman – According to Chapman, issues have been ignored with regards to transportation, homelessness, safety and many other city issues. Chapman’s platform is based on the need for more police, more transit service, protection of open space and better air quality.


City Council Chair Luke Garrott

City Council Chair Luke Garrott

Luke Garrott – Currently a Salt Lake City Council Chair, Garrott’s campaign is focusing on public transit, clean energy production and affordable housing options in all neighborhoods. All neighborhoods should have better resources and be engaged in “participating budgeting” to have a voice in what is funded in their areas.


Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson – Robinson is a first time candidate for office in the political system. An owner of multiple businesses, he has a strong interest in building and development. Robinson’s platform will focus on better public transportation, homelessness, the rights of property owners, issues that affect the housing market and affordable housing.


Q & A (Ms. Biskupski was not represented in the formal Q&A due to her prior commitment)

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State Fairpark Update

Fairpark board wants to pursue discussions with Hansen,
RSL Published on Sep 22, 2014 05:21PM The Utah State Fairpark
board is eager to pursue a partnership with Dell Loy Hansen and
Real Salt Lake. That much is clear. But if the club’s owner and
the Fairpark are to officially enter contract negotiations regarding
the building of a potential minor-league soccer stadium to house
the club’s USL Pro team, the Real Monarchs, other developments
need to progress. Fairpark executive director Michael Steele said
Monday the board came away extremely impressed after Hansen
made his pitch on Sept. 10.

“I haven’t heard really of any detractors,” Steele said. “It’s about
getting the correct deal for the team and the Fairpark.” The Utah
State Fairpark Corporation’s lease on the Fairpark grounds
expires on June 30, 2017, but upgrades on facilities within the
park need to be made for the longevity of the grounds.

fair parkSteele said per the terms of the lease, any improvements made
on the grounds over $100,000 immediately become property of
the state of Utah. Which means Hansen’s potential stadium —
after the planned 40-to-50-year-lease — would be donated to the
Fairpark Corporation and then become an asset of the state. Now, it’s ensuring the landmark deal benefits the Fairpark and its long-term survival. “The board wants to pursue this and that was right from the meeting,” Steele said. “They want to pursue discussions with Real and Dell Loy…but by no means will this soccer complex save the Utah State Fairpark.  It will help.

“Steele said the rodeo grounds must be renovated and an expo
center must be constructed to help boost the overall versatility of
the Fairpark.

Located a few blocks west of downtown Salt Lake City, the
Fairpark has been in discussion with the state on extending its
lease on the 65 acres despite decades of dealing with struggles
and lack of funding to maintain the historic buildings. Hansen’s
stadium pitch — estimated to be as much as $18 million —
would be paid for solely out of his own pocket, which would allow
the Fairpark to avoid needing taxpayer money for upgrades or
subsidies from the state.

The stadium, which would feature artificial turf, is expected to
seat 6-to-8,000 and be ready for the Monarchs to begin play in
2016. In the mean time, Steele anticipates further negotiation
with Hansen, Gov. Herbert and the legislature to continue in the
next couple of weeks. While the Fairpark board wants to engage
in official discussions with RSL, the next part of the process turns
to the nailing down how a new master plan of the grounds can
generate revenue and impact business along 10th West and North