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Hoyt Place Zoning Change

At the August Fairpark Community Council meeting, Dave Robinson of SS Consulting LLC gave a presentation about a proposed zoning change at 845 W Hoyt Place. At the September meeting this proposal  will be further discussed and a vote will be taken as to what the Community Council recommends to the planning commission for this change.

Currently the zoning is R-1/5,000 (low density), which allows for building single-family homes on a lot with a minimum size of 5,000 square feet. This zoning requires a 20 foot front yard, and the building can only cover a maximum of 40% of the lot.

The new zoning being proposed is SR-3 (medium density) Special Development Pattern Residential District, which would allow the following:

  • single family detached houses on 2,000 square foot lots;
  • two family dwellings on 3,000 square foot lots;
  • single family attached houses (up to a maximum of 6 homes in a row) with each on 1,500 square foot lots;
  • The zoning requires a 10 foot front yard, and the building can only cover a maximum of 60% of the lot for detached homes, and 70% for attached homes.

Both zoning codes allow accessory dwelling units, and the maximum building heights are the same (28 feet for a gabled roof, and 20 feet for a flat roof).

29th Ward House Future Remains On Hold

DSC_1102Will Proposed Changes to Zoning Ordinances Increase Potential Construction Density of Historic Property? At the Fairpark Community Council’s December Meeting, the City’s Housing and Neighborhood Development Division provided some information on its request to rezone the property at 1102 West 400 North, the old, vacant, 29th LDS Ward House from low-density residential (R-1/7000) to higher density mixed residential and commercial use (R-MU-35). The property is owned by the City.

In the presentation, division director, Mike Ackerlow, explained that the rezoning request was to allow the City to secure resources to rehabilitate the 100-year old church so that it could be used for housing or some sort public or private commercial use. The City also wants build housing; i.e., small houses or apartment/condo units on other sections of the .80 acre property. Comment from residents at
the meeting would be used to help develop the final plans for the property that the division hoped to present to the Community Council in January.

In January, the Planning Division contacted the Fairpark CC to explain the City needed more time to final its plans.

Then, interestingly, at its January 28th meeting the Salt Lake City Planning Commission approved changes to the R-MU-35 zoning designation that allows greater building density by, among other things, decreasing the minimum
size for lots and decreasing minimal “set-backs” from lot boundary-lines.

The proposed changes to the R-MU-35 zoning designation still have to be approved by the City Council before they can go into effect. Whether the City is waiting for
the amended zoning designation before finalizing its plans remains to be seen. Regardless, the issue facing the Fairpark Community Council is whether it will support rezoning proposal for the 29th Ward property as the City’s petition goes before the Planning Commission and, ultimately, the City Council.

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