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Halloween Safety Tips

safehalloweenThanks to the Salt Lake City Police Department, here are 15 tips for keeping your kids safe for Halloween!

1. Carry a flashlight. It can get dark and spooky out there!
2. Travel in a group and make sure all children are accompanied by an adult or responsible teenager at all times!
3. Stay on lit sidewalks and always walk, don’t run.
4. Wear light clothing with reflective marking on it, so cars can see you!
5. Only approach houses that are well lit.
6. Never enter a stranger’s home or car!
7. Only cross the street on designated cross walks, obey traffic signals, and cross only at corners — never from between parked cars.
8. If you have a mask make sure you can see properly and remove it when walking between houses. (Or wear face makeup so you can see at all time!)
9. Don’t approach or pet any unknown pets or animals.
10. Be polite when “Trick-or-Treating.” Say thank you!
11. Check your child’s treats for opened or tampered candy before allowing them to
consume anything!
12. Make sure children are wearing comfortable shoes.
13. Set a time for “Trick-or-Treaters” to be home.
14. Make sure costumes are short enough to prevent children from tripping or
15. Allow children to carry only flexible knives, swords, or other props.

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