Homeless Resource Center at 648 W 100 S

Last month Salt Lake City announced four sites for the new homeless resource centers. One of these sites is half a block from the Fairpark Community Council area at 648 W 100 S. Currently, the land is owned by the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency (RDA), and there is a community garden run by Wasatch Community Gardens at the site.

The criteria the city used in choosing this site were:

  • that neighborhood and homeless services are easily accessible
  • it is highly connected through multiple modes of public transportation
  • the size and location allow for creative integration with the surrounding neighborhood.

This site will require a zoning text amendment and conditional use approval. The 648 wprocess could take about a year before breaking ground at the 100 S site.

While we as a Community Council welcome the new Resource Center close to our neighborhood, we recognize that for many, this is a worrying prospect. We hope
that with the new scattered site model and the eventual closure of the Road Home Shelter, the concentration of people experiencing homelessness and those who prey
on them will be reduced in the area, and the spillover effects we have seen in our community the past few years will also go down.

We will continue to stay engaged in the conversation about the design of the Resource Center, what populations will be housed there, and how to mitigate any
negative effects that may come from the proximity of this site to North Temple and our Community Council.

At our February 23rd meeting, we will have representatives from the city in attendance to answer questions/concerns from community members.