Utah State Fairpark Brings the Heat (and the BBQ) for Summer

The Utah State Fairpark and the Fairpark Community Council are very excited to announce that “Best of Utah” BBQ winner, Pat’s BBQ, is opening a location directly on the fairgrounds! Pat’s has also been featured on Food Network’s
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! This location is currently renovating what is now known as the food court, and will be open regular hours starting July 12, 2017.pats

Pat Barber, the owner, is thrilled about this new space. He is looking forward to getting to know his new neighbors, incorporating what this incredible community has to offer, and taking advantage of the amazing space and opportunities available at the fairgrounds. He hopes to create a lively and thriving gathering place for the neighborhood and the state by offering frequent live music and many special planned
events (and possible expansion!). Keep your eyes peeled on their website to see what’s in the works at www.patsbbq.com.
Or, Pat would love it if you just asked him! Access to this new location is a breeze, as you will be able to drive right into the Utah State Fairpark and park directly
next to the building. So please stop by and give our new neighbor a hearty welcome this summer while enjoying the best BBQ in the city, live blues music and sunshine, or the covered patio! Pat and his crew can’t wait to meet you. This location is also hiring for all staff positions. If interested, please visit their website (listed above) and give them a call.

In addition to welcoming Pat’s BBQ as a permanent resident to the fairgrounds, the Utah State Fairpark has some awesome events planned for summer 2017. For additional details about events listed, please visit the accompanying

July 1 – Bubble Run: http://bubblerun.com
July 13-16 – BMW MOA International Rally (set up starts the7th): http://www.bmwmoa.org/page/rally2017
July 19: Grand opening of new the arena with special performances planned. Reserved seats only, and seats are still available: http://www.daysof47.com
July 19-24 – Days of ’47. Frontier Zone open every day from
noon until 10pm, and open 11am on weekends and the holiday. Rodeo starts at 8pm every night except Sundays. Visit their website for full details and of additional events: http:// www.daysof47.com/#events
August: Two separate musical acts planned to perform in the
new arena this month. Stay tuned for more details!
September 7-17 – Utah State Fair
The Utah State Fairpark also wishes to announce that UTA will no longer be using a lot on the fairgrounds for parking purposes. For news and updates
on the Utah State Fairpark, visit http://www.utahstatefairpark.com.