300 North Bridge Planning a GO!

Part of living on the West side of Salt Lake is the risk of being delayed by trains if you’re heading east. Frontrunner is just a short delay, while freight trains can be
a huge unknow300 N Picn. If you’re on a tight deadline for work or school, taking a road with a bridge is an absolute necessity!
For students attending West High school, avoiding the train on the 300 North crossing is an inconvenient detour to North Temple. This has been true for every
West High student to date. But in just a couple years, this headache and safety hazard will be over.In coordination with Salt Lake City, UTA has secured Federal grant money to fund a pedestrian and cycling bridge to traverse the 300 North rail line. Plans for a final design are being decided right now. You can supply your input and get project updates at pedestrian


Besides providing a safe crossing for pedestrians and cyclists in the area, the bridge will have art and a contemporary design to bring a little bit more flair to
the neighborhood.
pedalcityWhile part of a series of projects secured by the umbrella grant, it is required to be completed within five years. Salt Lake City transportation planner Collin
Quinn-Hurst says it’s one of several top projects on the list.

How You Can Be Involved
•   Tell Salt Lake City your experiences with this location
•   Participate in the design process
•   Invite your neighbors
•    Educate Salt Lake City about your neighborhood needs
•   Learn about the project
•   Sign up for updates