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Pedal in the City: Need a ride? Call a Pedicab!

pedalcityNext time you need a ride, you don’t have your bicycle,  and have the urge to call a cab or Lyft, consider a bike taxi. Or if you are holding an event or would like a scenic ride through town, a bike taxi may be for you!

Bike taxi is the layman’s term for “pedicab”. One might wonder what it takes to be a pedicab driver. It’s more than you would think.  We searched the web and discovered that operating a pedicab isn’t cut out for everyone.. According to Salt Lake Cycle Club “it is a job which requires a great deal of maturity, physical strength, street smarts, and an intimate knowledge of the city’s layout.”  We also found useful information on the site “Money Crashers” (https://www.moneycrashers.com/pedicab-driving-how-it-works-earnings-potential-pros-cons/), where it describes that Pedicabs typically weigh about 300 pounds when empty, and can carry more than 300 pounds of passenger weight, according.. “To make it easier to start from a dead stop, pedicabs generally have 21 gears or more.”  Some pedicabs have backup electric or gas motors to assist drivers with fully loaded vehicles. There are municipalities that ban pedicabs with motors, Salt Lake Cycle Club uses solar powered lithium batteries to assist the human power it takes to navigate steeper grades and full loads.

The article provides details about operating a pedicab business, different types of drivers, and the pros and cons of working as a pedicab driver.

While using pedicabs are generally good for the environment, they can be a bit pricey.

Salt Lake City has a growing number of eco-friendly taxi options to get you around town.  We found two, each one with unique services and approaches to pedicabbing.

Salt Lake City Bike Taxi Company – http://www.slcbiketaxi.com

This company has a “fleet” of bike taxis for 2-3 people each. Their specialities is city/historic tours and weddings. They also will serve a variety of events.

Salt Lake City Cycle Club – http://saltcitycyclecab.com/

Offering rides “anywhere you want to go”, this company offers city tours and transportation to parties.  They also can transport you on bar crawls downtown. “You can have fun,get good and sauced, and beat last call with a private team of pedicabs speeding you around the many scattered bars in our downtown district.” Using the slogan “We ride because we care,” they consider themselves as stewards of the planet and will ride in any kind of weather.  Now that’s dedication.

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