Forget Easter Eggs: The Hunt for Trash


upload_-1(9)Despite it being Easter weekend, approximately a dozen Fairpark Community residents showed up at noon on Saturday, April 4th, to volunteer for the Spring Adopt a Spot to clean up trash along the Fairpark Community’s section of the Jordan River. Headquarters was the pavilion in Cottonwood Park on the east side of the river, next to the playground.

After being plied with snacks and beverages by the project’s coordinator, Brook Bernier, the volunteers headed out, equipped with trash grabbers and large (very large) black plastic bags. The objective was to pick up trash along the Jordan River Parkway Trail and on both sides of the river. Volunteers were also instructed to note the location of graffiti and any signs of homeless camps.upload_-1(6)

Some headed north, with several folks making it up to 700 North. The rest (braver folks because of trees) turned south, towards the bridge where North Temple crosses the river.

upload_-1(10)At least one person returned to Headquarters to get another bag. This person actually had to call Brook’s able assistant, Robert Dansie, to have him come help her haul her bags back.

After several hours, people straggled back to the pavilion, dragging their bags upload_-1(8)behind them. The outcome? Over a dozen bags both partially and totally full of trash. Also, folks got tasty treats from Brook. And had the opportunity to chat (face-to-face) with old acquaintances and meet new neighbors.

There be another Adopt-A-Spot event this Summer. If you would like to participate or get more information, contact Brook at brookbernier at gmail dot com.