Keeping your property safe

Hello everyone!

Summer is almost at an end and school is starting back up. These are busy times, but I would like to pass on a view reminders and suggestions to help keep your property safe while you enjoy the coming months. Please remind your neighbors of these suggestions as well.

We have seen a lot of people in the city still leaving property in their vehicles. It doesn’t take long for someone to walk up and break into the vehicle to take your stuff. People are often leaving iPods, phones, laptops and even firearms in their cars. It is often difficult for us to locate these missing items. The best thing to do is leave this stuff at home or take it with you. If you have to keep something in the car then lock it up in the trunk where it isn’t visible.

While you are away is a good time for criminals to play. Remember to lock your doors and windows to your house. That alone is a very good deterrent for many criminals. Click the link to look at other home security ideas…. Obviously this doesn’t stop everyone so take steps to have your property well documented in case something ever is stolen. Taking pictures or even a video is very helpful. Lastly, be sure and document serial numbers. I can’t tell you how many times people have something like a game console stolen and they haven’t documented the serial numbers.

Take care and stay safe.
Detective Richard Chipping

SLC Police Department