Dirt2Table: Fall Planting and Fruit Leather

dirt2tableThings can be very busy for the gardener during August. What with keeping up with the zucchini and canning the tomatoes it is sometimes hard to find time to make a fall planting of fast maturing and cool weather crops. But you will be glad if you do. What I planted a few weeks ago includes Spinach, Lettuce, Cilantro, and Carrots. I didn’t plant any peas, but there still might be time for all of these types of cool weather crops. The last two fall seasons stayed frost free until at least mid October here in Salt Lake City, so it might happen again this fall.

Besides fall plantings I wanted to mention Fruit Leather. While being a little overwhelmed by all the peaches off of one tree and making Jam, I decided to try making fruit leather. I simply pureed the peeled cut peaches and then slowly cooked them to thicken the puree. Then I added honey to make it extra sweet. Finally I poured the jam like peach puree onto parchment paper covered dehydrator screens and put into the dehydrator. If you don’t have a dehydrator then put the parchment onto baking dishes and bake at 200 F. overnight.

For more information on fall planting, see the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Fall Planting Guide or Mother Earth News.

Happy growing and eating!