Hoyt Place Zoning Change

At the August Fairpark Community Council meeting, Dave Robinson of SS Consulting LLC gave a presentation about a proposed zoning change at 845 W Hoyt Place. At the September meeting this proposal  will be further discussed and a vote will be taken as to what the Community Council recommends to the planning commission for this change.

Currently the zoning is R-1/5,000 (low density), which allows for building single-family homes on a lot with a minimum size of 5,000 square feet. This zoning requires a 20 foot front yard, and the building can only cover a maximum of 40% of the lot.

The new zoning being proposed is SR-3 (medium density) Special Development Pattern Residential District, which would allow the following:

  • single family detached houses on 2,000 square foot lots;
  • two family dwellings on 3,000 square foot lots;
  • single family attached houses (up to a maximum of 6 homes in a row) with each on 1,500 square foot lots;
  • The zoning requires a 10 foot front yard, and the building can only cover a maximum of 60% of the lot for detached homes, and 70% for attached homes.

Both zoning codes allow accessory dwelling units, and the maximum building heights are the same (28 feet for a gabled roof, and 20 feet for a flat roof).