Education Corner: Talking to Your Children about School

edcornerSchool has started and students are busy studying math, social studies, reading and writing. By now they should be entrenched in learning as a daily routine.

The other day I asked my grandson what he learned in school that day. His response? “Nothing.”

This brought back memories of similar responses from my children as they were growing up. How can parents create meaningful conversations about school with their children? The answer: Be specific.

Instead of asking “How was school today”, try “Explain to me what types of problems you did in math today,” followed by questions like “How did you solve them?” “Can you show me what you did?” “What about solving the problem gave you the most trouble?” This will help your child answer to more specific questions and help you determine where your child is being successful and what things are more difficult for him/her. has a list of specific conversation starters you can ask your kids about school – some humorous and others more serious about academics. View the list here.

The key is communicating with your children. Be specific.  Be interested.  Your kids will thank you some day!