Pedal in the City: Resources for the average Cyclist

pedalcityPedal in the City is a new column to promote and educate everything about bicycling in Salt Lake City.

Increasing numbers of Salt Lake City residents are using pedal power to commute and recreate.  Not only is it good exercise, it is environmentally responsible. This month’s column is dedicated to providing resources for people who currently cycle or who want to know more about how to incorporate cycling into their lives.

Salt Lake City has created a website as part of its transportation division devoted to bicycling, “Bike SLC” –  The website includes maps and safety tips and is a good starting point for information on biking in SLC.

Green Bike SLC is a bike sharing program. Bike sharing is different from bike rentals.  Your read all about bike sharing at:

The Salt Lake Bicycle Collective provides education and refurbished bicycles to the community.

This month’s safety tip comes from Bicycle Safe ~

Ten Ways to Not Get Hit

How to avoid the “Right Cross”:

This is the most common way to get hit (or almost get hit).(source1, source2)  A car is pulling out of a side street, parking lot, or driveway on the right.  Notice that there are actually two possible kinds of collisions here:  Either you’re in front of the car and the car hits you, or the car pulls out in front of you and you slam into it.

How to avoid this collision:

1. Get a headlight.  If you’re riding at night, you absolutely should be using a front headlight.  Even for daytime riding, a bright white light that has a flashing mode can make you more visible to motorists who might otherwise Right Cross you.  Look for the new LED headlights which last ten times as long on a set of batteries as old-style lights.  And headlamps (mounted on your head or helmet) are the best, because then you can look directly at the driver to make sure they see your light.

Read the rest of the tips for avoiding the Right Cross Collision here.