Pedal in the City: Bike Commuting ~ One of the Best Ways to Stay Healthy

Working out at the gym has its benefits, but consider something that might bring more enjoyment along with those health benefits: Bike commuting.pedalcity

A 2013 article in Grist Magazine by Jay Walljasper discusses the health benefits of bike commuting.

“Biking for transportation appears more helpful in losing weight and promoting health than working out at the gym.

This means I can spend less time wearing a grimace as I endure mind-numbing exercise routines at the Y — and more time wearing a smile as I bike to work, shopping, and social events. Just what I always thought.”

Citing a study on commuting by bike vs. car, Walljasper highlights the fact that exercise for transportation my have better health benefits than weekly exercise routines.

“The key advantage of traveling by bike over working out at a fitness center is that most people find it easier to do. Instead of vying for scarce free time with many other fun and important things, exercise becomes something we do naturally as part of daily routine.”

Living and working in Salt Lake City presents many opportunities for bike commuting to work. has a page where you can download a city map of bike routes. There are even pdf files that you can interface with your GPS system on your smartphone.

“The Salt Lake City Bikeways Map helps connect locals and visitors with the City’s urban environment and provides a valuable resource to experience the city while making more sustainable choices. The 2015-16 map uses a comfort-rating to show you how best to connect to public transit, trailheads, sites of interest, farmers markets, local parks, open space, community gardens and many other places that highlight the local flavors that make Salt Lake City an internationally-recognized green city. “

Even if you work outside of SLC, you can still reap the benefits of bike commuting by taking advantage of public transportation.

Download the Salt Lake City Bicycle Map here.

Does bike commuting take more time? Probably, depending on where you need to travel. Does bike commuting improve your health? Check out the research and decide for yourself.

Read more about the research on bike commuting at Grist.