Education Corner: Keeping Your Students Engaged in the Winter

Winter time can be challenging for students and parents, especially after the dazzle edcornerand glitter of the holidays. But keeping the academic and physical engagement momentum going doesn’t have to be drudgery.

In 7 Tips to Keep Your Kids Fit in Winter” The Parenting Squad acknowledges that kids need guidance and motivation to stay active beyond the tv controls and has generated a list of tips to keep kids active in the winter. The tips inlcude making your home a gym, getting creative with workouts, putting electronics aside and braving the weather, and dancing. Read the entiere article at

Another resource is PBS Parents:

This site is filled with activities covering a variety of topics such as education, birthday parties, parenting, food and fitness, and more.

For example, “The Water Activity”, all about water conservation, shows kids how the water cycle works, allowing them to “watch, in real time, how water from oceans, lakes and streams help to keep our planet lush, our animals and us healthy, and the ground fertile for growing food and flowers!”

The materials needed include water, a bowl, a mug, plastic wrap, and a large rubber band.

Learn all about this activity at

While keeping kids active in winter months can be a challenge to the creative juices, keeping them engaged is healthy and rewarding for parents and children alike. Stay warm and keep active!