Education Corner: The Journey to Being College and Career Ready

edcornerWhen you walk into Backman Elementary School, one of the first things you notice are posters with college and career ready themes.  Even their website opens with the theme (

“This year at Backman Elementary, we are focusing on being college bound. This means practicing behaviors and skills now that will help our students reach their college and career goals.“

“College and Career Ready” is heard everywhere now, nationally and locally.  The Utah State Office of Education has a page dedicated to being College and Career Ready that has resources for the community on preparing youth to be college and career ready.  (

A link to Backman’s  “College bound Character book” leads you to an alphabetized booklet of traits that are necessary to preparing for life after graduation.   (

“Each week we focus on a particular trait, such as grit, organization or problem solving. Teachers lead classroom conversations about the topic, the students use these skills throughout the week and one student from each class is chosen as an example of this characteristic. Students who are chosen are honored with a gift from a local college, a picture with the other winners, an award and postcard that is sent home. “

Traits such as Attitude, Rigor and Work Ethic and Zeal are a just a few of the many characteristics of being college and career ready.

“People with a zeal for life show enthusiasm and positive energy. Others feel happy and energized when they are near someone with zeal. Get excited about learning and eager to grow. Show your zeal by sharing your passion for learning with others. Search out the fun and joy in learning and in life!“