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Tom King, Chair

tomwithplantsOccupation: Currently employed as a Maintenance Specialist with the State of Utah, I am a Utah Licensed Master Electrician and have worked on many high rise, institutional, industrial and big box construction projects as both Journeyman and Foreman of the Electrical installations. Besides my day job, I now have a strong interest in doing weekend work in Energy Conservation/Efficiency as well as in Rooftop Solar installations.

Education: G.E.D, Master Electrician License, Electrical Contracting Licensed

Interests: I am eager to continue learning as much as possible about the natural world, and consider myself a Naturalist. I enjoy gathering wild food, including berries, mushrooms, greens and nuts. As an avid gardener, I enjoy helping plants grow food for family and friends. Grafting different varieties onto fruit trees, propagating fruit trees and bushes, growing Figs and Pomegranates in addition to more traditional fruiting perennials for the Salt Lake climate. I am also interested in encouraging and supporting friends and neighbors in their efforts to grow more food in their yards. I am very interested in helping reduce carbon emissions, and helping others do the same. Whether through changing fluorescent tubes to LED tubes or adding more insulation or adding rooftop solar panels, I believe that everyone can lessen their carbon footprint and I am interested in helping.

Community Council Participation: I started attending Fairpark Community Council meetings the in March of 2013, just two months after moving into the area. I was elected as “At Large” board member in April of ‘13 and then in April of ‘15 as Second Vice Chair. In April of ‘17 I was elected as First Vice Chair. I am the instigator of the FCC Annual Festival of Spring and Plant Sale, engaging my passion for encouraging more back yard food production and helping members of the community develop the same passion. I intend to work with my neighbors to preserve the Character of our Community, which is what attracted me to live in this area. I support maintaining the existing zoning throughout the majority of the neighborhoods that make up the FCC footprint, since relatively large yards are key to allowing more food production at the local household level. While economic development is important, it is even more important that such development remain in character with our community, and provides local opportunities while striving for sustainability.
Family: I am married to Deanna Taylor, also on the Board.  We have 5 Grandchildren and 4 adult children.




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