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Winter Spotlight: Annual Community Coat Exchange

coatexchangehaveaheart1Can you believe how cold it is getting out there?! The Fairpark Community Council was proud to participate as a partner in the Annual Community Coat Exchange again this fall. The Annual Community Coat Exchange, a project of Blue Sky Institute, has been an ongoing event in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2005. The event is held annually at Pioneer Park from 10am to 1pm the day after Thanksgiving. “Need a coat? Come get one. Have a coat? We know someone who can use it!” the website says.

We wanted to learn more about the individuals that this event helps so we met with Glenn Baily, Executive Director of the Crossroads Urban Center. With over 50 years of service, Crossroads Urban Center is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that assists and organizes Utahans with low incomes, those with disabilities, and people of color to meet basic survival needs and to address essential issues affecting quality of life. Crossroads runs an Emergency Food Pantry and helps over 4,000 families each year. Mr. Bailey is passionate about getting individuals to participate in Community Council events. “We want to continue working with individuals in the neighborhood to discuss real issues of homelessness and affordable housing, and make sure that individuals that haven’t traditionally been involved in Community Council are able to have their voices heard.” Continue reading

Nature in the City Proposal

Seventeen local, regional and national environmental groups have endorsed a proposal called “Nature in the City”, to create a riparian greenway along the Jordan

Pictured here is the new Fred and Ila Fife Wetlands Preserve, west bank Jordan River at 900 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

Pictured here is the new Fred and Ila Fife Wetlands Preserve, west bank
Jordan River at 900 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

River all the way across Salt Lake City. The plan, which has also been endorsed by both the Glendale and Poplar Grove community councils, would designate a series of
“nature parks” along the river corridor, mostly on existing city-owned open space. It would regrade stream banks to reduce erosion, replace non-native plants with native plant communities, add new wetlands, improve water quality and connectivity along the river both for people and wildlife. It would also promote nature
education, urban agriculture, off-street commuter bike trail expansion along, to and from the Jordan River Parkway Trail, and the creation of several nature-themed
community centers to serve as gateways to the river.
This proposal will be presented at the October Fairpark Community Council Meeting.
Pictured here is the new Fred and Ila Fife Wetlands Preserve, west bank Jordan River at 900 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

Westview Media has a feature on this proposal here.

Pedal in the City: Bike Commuting ~ One of the Best Ways to Stay Healthy

Working out at the gym has its benefits, but consider something that might bring more enjoyment along with those health benefits: Bike commuting.pedalcity

A 2013 article in Grist Magazine by Jay Walljasper discusses the health benefits of bike commuting.

“Biking for transportation appears more helpful in losing weight and promoting health than working out at the gym.

This means I can spend less time wearing a grimace as I endure mind-numbing exercise routines at the Y — and more time wearing a smile as I bike to work, shopping, and social events. Just what I always thought.”

Citing a study on commuting by bike vs. car, Walljasper highlights the fact that exercise for transportation my have better health benefits than weekly exercise routines. Continue reading