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2017 Utah State Fair a Success!

Utah_State_Fairgrounds_entranceThe 2017 Utah State Fair is expected to break another record for attendance, a record broken just the year prior. This year’s success can largely be attributed to the additions of the circus and the new Days of ’47 Stadium, which allowed for more large-scale events. This latter trend will continue throughout the year, as the Fairpark is planning upwards of 30 stadium events through 2018. Stay tuned to what’s in the works by checking www.utahstatefairpark.com (and keep an eye out for the more informative, user-friendly website design).

pumpkinnightsThe Fairpark is excited to announce Pumpkin Nights October 13-29. Pumpkin Nights is a family-friendly, immersive Halloween experience (that highly encourages costumes). SLC is one of 3 cities they chose to host the festival this year, so it’s a pretty big deal for our community. Tour 4,000 carved pumpkins, carve your own, watch Halloween movies, get lost in a hay-bale maze and complete a site-wide scavenger hunt. Visit www.pumpkinnights.com/slc/ for more details. Click on the image for a full size map to illustrate what’s in store for you at Pumpkin Nights.

Utah State Fairpark Gets Legislative Support

fairUp to $10 million in state money may be coming to the Utah State Fairpark.  The Fairpark Board was able to participate in a meeting at the Utah State Capital this month and speak to a panel of lawmakers about how important the heritage of the Fairpark is to our community.  This legislative panel will be opening the issue of funding and renewing the lease for debate when the Legislature reconvenes in January.

“The time for studies and discussions should be over,” said Bryce Garner, chairman of the Fairpark Community Council. “Anything that brings sustainability to the Fair and keeps the Fairgrounds where they are, intact, is something we wholeheartedly support.”

Discussions during the meeting involved bringing the Salt Lake County Fair and the Days of ’47 Rodeo to the fairgrounds, as well as major structural improvements to the grounds including renovating the rodeo arena, or adding an Expo style building for conferences.  More business to the State Fairpark means more positive growth for our area and the possibility of better restaurants, shopping and retail to support the growth.

 Read the Salt Lake Tribune article here.