Community Partners Focus on Jordan River Parkway Trail and North Temple

IMG_2187The University Neighborhood Partnership (UNP) West Side Studio has worked alongside the neighborhoods for years and has listened to many ideas and hopes for our community. Fairpark Community Council Board Members and the UNP joined together to explore ideas and opinions from people who live in the area. These people are the treasure of the neighborhood, and their voices will help facilitate the best plan forward regarding connections between the Jordan River Parkway and North Temple.

Three topical areas were the focus of discussion in the groups, led by Community Council leaders and facilitated by University of Utah students. Two areas involved three focus groups from Fairpark:

1) Improving/enhancing bikability/walkability (e.g. explore adding bike sharing stations at various points along the river and/or at the North Temple/Parkway intersection)

2) Inform planning for signage and wayfinding along the river (e.g. explore preferred content, languages, look, etc.)
Focus groups met in March at various locations.  The outcomes of the ideas generated by these meetings will be presented on May 4, 2016 at 3:30pm at the Northwest Community Center. All are welcome!