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Action Utah

Action Utah is a nonpartisan community engagement network that gives ordinary Utahns a voice in the policymaking that impacts their lives and communities by providing factual information, educational resources, and easy but meaningful calls to action on federal, state and local issues. Our philosophy is that by building bridges, crossing aisles and finding common ground, ordinary people can help shape policy that better reflects the beliefs and needs of Utahns.

Elected Officials

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Westside Leadership Institute -University Neighborhood Partners

​Invest in yourself, your family, and your community by applying for the Westside Leadership Institute, a community leadership course! The 12-week program offers leadership development skills and resources. WLI is accepting applications from individuals who are willing to work with a team (either by signing up with a team or working with an assigned team in class) and plan to work on a community project or issue affecting Salt Lake City’s Westside. Please email for an application.

Become a community leader!