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Topics of interest reported in Gazette

December 2014
November 2014  29th Ward House Future; Adopt-A-Spot; Feast Day Lady of Guadalupe; Education Corner; Dirt2Table
October 2014 The Horsley Building; Annual Warm Coat Exchange; Officer Valencia; Education Corner; Dirt 2 Table; State Fairpark Update; Housing Market Review
September 2014 2014 Utah State Fair Success – A Plan for the Fairpark’s future?
August 2014 Future of Utah State Fairpark / Solar Power Fee Proposed / 300-400 North Intermodal
June 2014 300/400 North Intermodal Study in Major’s Budget Recommendations to City Council
May 2014 Future of Utah State Fairpark Grounds; Mayor Recommends Study of 300/400 N
April 2014 Update on Clift Infill Project – Plans Revised
March 2014 Guadalupe School Moving
February 2014 Utah State Fairpark Faces Financial Crisis
January 2014 Salt Lake Planning Commission’s Negative Recommendation on Clift Infill Project